Music and shopping

Dear Diary,

Battle of the Bands was a blast!  It was great to meet new people in the area too; since I graduated from college I have not had a chance to meet a lot of people.  Especially because my Ex would take up all my time and all his friends still live in the area.  I met a very cool girl, who like me has a great fashion sense.  We are going shopping on Saturday and then to Paradise Lounge to check out some more live music.   I’m starting to feel like my old self again.  I hope Pepper doesn’t mind me going out all the time.  I suppose now will be the true test of the kitty condo!





  1. I LOVE battle of the bands…it’s been a long time but I went to one a few years ago and ha d so much fun!! It helped that I knew the bass player for one of the bands….:)

  2. addison bennett Said:


    Hey there! Sorry to hear about the breakup but it seems things are much better now for you.

    Well, I know how much you like to shop and I found this site with this Go Shop -Global Shopping Guide…sounded like it was right up your alley! Here is the url where i found it

    Let me know how that works for you……hope Pepper is doing okay!


  3. Becca Dailey Said:

    Hi Beth!

    Great to see you take some time to prioritize! It sure helps to ‘step outside of the box’, sometimes that’s all it takes:)

    I have class all day today, but wanted to shoot over some info on some cool stuff that the Nokia has to offer before your sister arrives. I bought a X6 a few weeks ago, and found some great, cheap stuff.

    Not sure if you have done any ‘searching’ on your own, but Nokia has a place on the web that you can shop for any app or game you want (and you can see before you buy if your phone is compatible, yippee!)

    Google search “Ovi Store”, and search Date or Ditch-it’s super funny (and might be just what the Dr. ordered 😉 Have fun!!


    • elizabethnor Said:

      I’m totally going to check this out today, I’ll post tomorrow to see how it worked, I’ll check out more games at the Ovi Store! My train ride home today will not be boring 🙂

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