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More free apps and games for my Nokia phone…allows for more spending money on clothes!

Dear Diary,

What did the grape do when it was stepped on?  It let out a little whine.  Haha! Ok I know that was kind of bad.  It was a joke from one of the free apps I got from the Nokia Ovi store.

My phone is more and more fun with each download! My sister will be in town in a couple of days and I have no shame in showing off my phone (and comparing phone bills…I can’t imagine how much her bill is).

The weekend was spent preparing for my sister’s arrival (ok and I got this really cute Shirtdress too).  The apartment is clean and Pepper is ready for the company too!




Windy day but I’m all smiles

Thanks readers! I downloaded the Date or Ditch game and actually enjoyed my commute home yesterday 🙂  Some very funny situations it puts you in and for a game it wasn’t very much money ($2.99).

I was also looking at all the FREE apps and started downloading from the Nokia Ovi Store.  I got the Dictionary & translation Pro (who knows when I might have to travel), Dumbest Jokes (I will post some later), and I downloaded this “Buzzed” application (it lets me know about places and events in the city).  I’m so excited; I will have to test them out this weekend.  I will be downloading more things I’m sure, and I will keep everyone updated and if you have any other ideas let me know.  My sister will be here in less than a week.  I’ll have the wardrobe, the phone and now I’ll figure out all the hot spots around the city to take her.

Till next time.



Music and shopping

Dear Diary,

Battle of the Bands was a blast!  It was great to meet new people in the area too; since I graduated from college I have not had a chance to meet a lot of people.  Especially because my Ex would take up all my time and all his friends still live in the area.  I met a very cool girl, who like me has a great fashion sense.  We are going shopping on Saturday and then to Paradise Lounge to check out some more live music.   I’m starting to feel like my old self again.  I hope Pepper doesn’t mind me going out all the time.  I suppose now will be the true test of the kitty condo!



Another Day

Dear Diary,

Wow, it’s been a long time.  A lot have been going on.  I finally broke up with my boyfriend.  As you could probably tell by how long I have been talking about it, the break up took a while too.  Two weeks ago when he went out with his friends all weekend and never returned my phone calls I gave us a cooling off period.  That resulted in a lot of soul searching (and talking) and the end result was it wasn’t going to work.  We are in two different places in our lives.

Thanks everyone for the great advice.  Becca, loved the little story, I am definitely the rule and not the exception!  After the two weeks of breaking up (yes it took us 14 days of talking to make it official) I am starting to feel relieved that the toxic relationship is over.  I can concentrate on more important things, things that make me a better person!

Addison, wow, Courtney Love! That is crazy, I loved her growing up.  I loved her quirky style too (I think I still have some baby doll dresses that I wear if a certain concert requires it).  I have heard about SXSW but never have been able to go. That sounds like so much fun!  I’m going to try to go to a “Battle of the Bands tonight”, should be fun!

My sister moved her travel plans; she will be coming next Thursday (one week from today).  She had some last minute work projects that got in the way.  Now when she visit’s we will both be single girls and hitting the town!  We might even take the train and spend a day and night in New York City!

I’m very excited to see my sister but sadly my phone remains just a phone and nothing like her iPhone.  Honestly, I haven’t been looking in the last month, too caught up in boyfriend world.  Just when I’m on the train I curse myself for not downloading any games to play!  It’s a Nokia phone, there have to be plenty of things for me to make it cool.  Also, for my trip to New York I might need an app to get us around…otherwise my sister will get any chance she can to show me up!

Last but not least, Pepper, she has been so good recently.  It might have to do something with the fact that except when I’ve been at work, I have been by her side.  She has been a great companion for me in this difficult time.

Well I’m off to go to a charity “Battle of the Bands”.  It should be real fun!