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Day 1

Dear Diary,

I’m 26, out on my own. Finally! But there are of course a few problems

First, my cat Pepper. Love her so much but she is totally scratching up the furniture in my apartment. My sofa is getting shredded up. I can’t seem to make her stop and it’s driving me crazy!

Then there’s my boyfriend, or should I say, about-to-be-EX-boyfriend. He’s too bossy, telling me how to run MY life, when he can barely handle his own. “You work too much, you shouldn’t wear that where we are going, blah, blah, blah.” Nice!¬† But whatever…I just have to find the perfect way to end it.

And there’s my phone. My old crappy Motorola finally died so I got a new Nokia. Sweet phone, but my sister is giving me crap on it because SHE has an iPhone, and whatever her problem, she has an app for that. So I need some cool stuff for my Nokia because we’re married for 2 yrs! I’m determined to have a cooler phone than my sister.

That’s it for now.